Tired Of How Your Pond Looks?

Are you a homeowner with a backyard pond? Or maybe you're a home builder company looking to restore a beautiful pond for your residents? Florida is known for its abundance of waterfront views, lakes, ponds alike, and the wildlife that inhabit those areas. However, if ponds are not maintained or restored, they can look unappealing and even cause health concerns.

Over time, decaying vegetation, debris buildup, and sediment within the pond can cause the growth of algae, murky water, weeds, dead fish, and potential toxicity. Sometimes, too much organic muck and sludge accumulated can remove nutrients and spread bacteria. Once something like this occurs, it's time for professional pond restoration. 

Output of Pond Restoration Done by a Kissimmee Engineering Company
Ongoing Pond Restoration Being Done by Three Workers from a Kissimmee Company

What Is A Pond Restoration?

Depending on how big your pond is, a professional pond restoration can be an extensive process. However, your smelly, unappealing, murky body of water will completely transform into a gorgeous lagoon after a pond restoration. 

The process usually begins with draining the old pond. Once the old pond is drained, you might notice the water is more shallow than you expected. This is due to erosion of silt or runoff from the watershed along with bacteria buildup. The edges of the pond will be renovated with new soil and nutrients before being safely mowed. If needed, the shallow edges of the pond will be deepened. To prevent erosion, it is recommended to install a stone barrier on the perimeter, however, this is optional. All organic muck will be removed, and the dam will be repaired and refilled. Finally, all planned landscaping will be conducted and aquatic wildlife will be put into place (such as koi fish, goldfish, turtles, etc.)

Premier Engineering Inc. Provides Pond Restorations

If you've concluded that you need a pond restoration, then you've come to the right place. Premier Engineering Inc. provides a wide range of home building services, including pond restoration.

Headquartered in Kissimmee, Florida, we'll stop by the pond site to meet the owner and discuss goals and visions for what the upgraded pond should look like. Afterward, we'll get to work calculating sludge volume, disposal location, and design. Once a plan is put into place, our engineers will get started on the construction process.

From there, you'll be able to see your old murky pond transform into something breathtaking for you, your family, your tenants, and your clients to see every day.


Engineer from Kissimmee Construction Company Working on a Pond Restoration Project
Beautiful Pond Restored by an Engineering Company in Kissimmee Florida

A Breathtaking Pond To Enjoy

After hours and days' worth of hard work, your new pond will soon be restored with fresh spring water, beautiful landscapes, and wildlife. The awful smell and gross murky water will be in the past, and you can enjoy a beautiful pond view.

Additionally, if you need help keeping the pond maintained, we'll happily return to assist with your needs. You'll feel proud of your brand-new pond and fall in love with its grand natural beauty.

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