Building or Expanding A Resort?

The hospitality industry is constantly growing in the state of Florida. With the state being a top destination for tourists and "snowbirds,", also, it’s not unusual for landowners and resort chief executive officers to involve themselves in large developmental projects. This includes resort construction. 

Resort construction or expansion involves a large process. It takes a large budget, patience, and time to construct an amazing structure, however, nothing is possible without a proper engineer to assist in its development. While our engineers are capable of designing and constructing resorts from scratch, we’re also responsible for renovations, remodels, building repairs, inspections and installations. 

If you’re a hospitality manager interested in making expansions to your resort but need a proper engineer to assist, you’ve come to the right place.

Kitchen Cabinet in a Resort Room Installed by a Kissimmee Construction Company
Final Look of a Resort Accommodation Made by a Kissimmee Construction Company

Does The Resort Construction Process Seem Intimidating?

When it comes to resorts, everything seems 10 times more intimidating compared to the average home or building. Due to their size, they involve higher maintenance and take large amounts of planning before the actual resort construction process. 

In addition, even for currently established resorts, the amount of issues that can occur is greater and sometimes require inspections constantly. This is to ensure that everything remains in working order and that there are no safety violations at any time. If any issue is left unattended, it can cause a safety hazard to the general public. 

All of this will require the assistance of a professional engineer who specializes in resort construction, and individuals like this are not easy to access.

Premier Engineering Inc. Assists With Resort Construction

Premier Engineering Inc. is a company that serves the hospitality industry in all types of resort construction in the state of Florida. 

We can assist chief executive officers and hotel managers in transforming their hotel design ideas into a reality. We’ll work with you on the process and work out vast measures on the estimated time of the project’s completion. In addition, we can also assist with any resort repairs that might directly involve the hotel structure (such as roofs, walls, ceilings, balconies, etc.)

We’ll help ensure that all areas of the hotel are sturdy and can withstand harsh conditions such as lightning storms, hurricanes and flooding (if located in or near a flooding zone). 

With our expertise, your resort will eventually be established. As time goes on, you'll feel less intimidated by the process.

Cottage Done by a Construction Company Servicing Resorts in Kissimmee FL
Newly Opened Resort in Kissimmee Constructed by a Resort Construction Company

A Resort That Everyone Can Enjoy

While the process can be stressful, our team will assist you through it with teamwork and positivity. Eventually, you’ll have a new resort for all Florida residents and tourists to enjoy without worrying about safety hazards or violations. 

All structures will be properly placed and thoroughly assessed as requested by the client, and all repairs will be done quickly and efficiently. 

If you need specialized engineers to assist with resort construction, or need repairs or renovations, please contact Premier Engineering Inc. at (813) 293-7481 for more information and rates.



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