Should I Be Concerned About My Staircase?

In large structures such as two-story homes, apartments, condominiums, commercial buildings, and hotels, it’s common to have multiple floors. Multiple floor levels mean that there are several flights of stairs. While most people prefer taking elevators (especially if they need to reach higher level floors), staircases are just as important to maintain as other materials within a large building.

Damaged staircases can quickly become a safety hazard or liability to you, your family, tenants, employees, or guests if not taken care of immediately. But unless you're a professional structural engineer, it will be difficult to tell whether or not a stair repair is needed.

So, how can you tell if you should be concerned about your staircase? 


Kissimmee-based Company Building's Stairs in Need of Repairs
Wooden Stairs in Kissimmee Apartment Need to be Checked by a Repair Company

Signs That You Need A Stair Repair

Whether your stairs are wooden, cement, carpet, metal, or winding, there are several significant signs that a staircase may require repair. Over time, it’s common for staircase materials to contract and expand. In turn, this can lead to cracks, creaking, and an unstable handrail. These can be caused by several factors:

  • Post hardware becoming loose (leading to wobbly railings)
  • Components not having enough structural support
  • Moisture entering into wood
  • Cracked treads or risers

Depending on the exact problem, a stair repair can vary from minor to complex. That's why it's essential to hire a professional engineer to handle any stair maintenance that is needed for your building.


Premier Engineering Inc. Provides Stair Repairs

After you realize that you need a stair repair, the next step is finding a great engineering company to assist with your property's needs. Thankfully, one of Florida's leading firms is just a short distance away.

Headquartered in Kissimmee, Florida, Premier Engineering Inc. is a well-established engineering company with qualified civil engineers who serve the entire state of Florida. Our team can perform inspections and maintenance repairs of all types, including stair repairs.

If you contact us for a stair repair, we will first analyze the staircase to discover any possible safety hazards or violations of building codes. If something catches our eye, we'll provide a report outlining the repairs needed and the recommended timeline. This can involve repairing creaks, damaged material, replacements, or expansions.


Stairs with a Broken Step to be Serviced by a Kissimmee Construction and Repair Company
Paint Peeling Off Stairs Up for Repaint from Kissimmee Repair Company

Have A Safe And Appealing Staircase That Everyone Can Love

Regardless of the type of building we are working on, each project goes through a similar process. Your staircase will be as good as new along with appealing and beautiful architecture (if that is what you envisioned for the result).

Plus, you won't need to worry about potentially breaking any building codes or risking the safety of you, your family, employees, or clients.

Additionally, once the stair repair is completed, we will provide recommendations on how to ensure that the staircase stays protected and maintained for the future.

If you need a company to perform a stair repair in Florida, contact Premier Engineering Inc. at (813) 293-7481 for an estimate.



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