Need A Structural Engineer?

Are you interested in expanding a certain structure or altering a building element? If so, you probably realize that making these alterations could result in serious consequences. If the structure is not built properly from start to finish, it can greatly increase the safety risks to others. However, expansions to structures can also be beneficial in the long run, especially in cases of a growing population, growing company, or change for the better.

When building additions and other extensive construction projects are being considered, a structural engineer is needed to assist with the whole structure's planning, development, and design. They are the key factor in putting all construction and development plans into motion by performing accurate calculations, understanding physics, and assessing safety hazards. 

If you’re looking to make alterations to a structure or need to inspect an existing building for possible safety risks, look no further!

Building in Kissimmee Florida Expanding Under Supervision of Professional Structural Engineer
Stable Wood Bridge Constructed by a Kissimmee Structural Engineer

How Can They Help?

With any construction project, the number one priority is the safety of the general public. Structural designs such as bridges, skyscrapers, resorts, or large buildings need to be stable, hold heavy weights, and withstand strong environmental conditions to not put anyone at risk. 

In addition, structural engineers are useful to help repair most types of property damage caused by natural disasters or add certain features such as solar panels. 

However, hiring structural engineers can be costly depending on the project at hand.

And how can you find a qualified structural engineer in Florida to perform these strategic tasks?

Premier Engineering Inc. Provides Contracted Structural Engineers

Premier Engineering provides professional structural engineers under contract to assist individuals and companies with various construction and development projects. Our structural engineering services include everything from home improvements to building expansions and large construction projects. 

Our headquarters are located in Kissimmee, Florida. However, we provide services throughout the state of Florida. Our engineers are licensed, with vast experience under their belts in handling several types of structures. They’re accurate in the job at hand, can assess various homes and buildings, and can work quickly and diligently to complete and perfect the project while ensuring all safety measures are in place.

Kissimmee Structural Engineer Giving Instructions to Worker On-site
Two Structural Engineers Managing Ongoing Construction in Kissimmee Florida

Fall In Love With The End Result

In the end, the project that you envisioned will come to life. Thanks to our structural engineering experts, the structure will be safe and capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. 

Whether it’s an addition to a home, a building expansion, a skyscraper or bridge, you’ll feel that all of our services will be worth it once you see the final product. Additionally, you’ll have confidence that the structure was built/stablized with care, and you, your family or the general public will be in good hands. 

If you’re in need of a structural engineering professional, contact Premier Engineering to receive an estimate at (813) 293-7481 



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